Menstrual Hygiene Tips Every Girl and Woman Should Know

Most of us go through our periods very secretively and don’t really bother to figure out if our practices are hygienic or not. At times, we may wear the same napkin for a whole day. Here are some tips to help you stay clean and hygienic during your periods.

  1. Change your sanitary pads regularly – every 3-4 hours to avoid infections
  2. Be ready with on-the-go stuff during your periods: Remember to take change of sanitary pads when going out
  3. Have a bath regularly: Some amount of body odour is natural but regular bathing, washing and changing of sanitary pads will ensure that it is not noticeable
  4. Menstruation is a periodic event and therefore dealing with it hygienically is essential. Unhygienic management can result in reproductive tract infections and urinary tract infections
  5. Beware of a pad rash; A pad rash is something that you might experience during a period of heavy flow. It usually occurs when the pad has been wet for a long time and rubs along the thighs causing it to chaff. To prevent this from occurring, try to stay dry during your periods. If you do have a rash, change your pads regularly and stay dry. Apply an antiseptic ointment, after a bath and before bed – this will heal the rash and prevent further chaffing. If it gets worse do visit your doctor who will be able to prescribe you a medicated powder that can keep the area dry.